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Mutation X RDA
Price: £24.95 Inc VAT (£20.79 Ex VAT)
Kanger Aerotank Mini 1.3ml
Price: £18.95 Inc VAT (£15.79 Ex VAT)
NEW Mini & Mega Aerotank Heads (5)
Price: £9.95 Inc VAT (£8.29 Ex VAT)
Atomic Fusion
Price: £12.99 Inc VAT (£10.83 Ex VAT)
FlavourArt Mixing Enhancers
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Kanger EMOW 1300
Price: £44.50 Inc VAT (£37.08 Ex VAT)£39.95 Inc VAT (£33.29 Ex VAT)Save: 10% off
Esmart Mini Blister Kits
Price: £16.95 Inc VAT (£14.12 Ex VAT)£14.95 Inc VAT (£12.46 Ex VAT)Save: 12% off
Kanger EMUS Starter Kit
Price: £34.95 Inc VAT (£29.13 Ex VAT)
Aspire CF VV Twist
Price: £21.95 Inc VAT (£18.29 Ex VAT)
Aspire Premium Starter Kit
Price: £44.95 Inc VAT (£37.46 Ex VAT)

Weekend E-Liquids 13th September 2014This weekends discounted liquids are: Lubbley Bubbley, Old Holby and all the Decadent Vapours 30ml Range - All with minimum 20% off
Weekend E-Liquids 6th September 2014 This weekends 4 E-Liquids on offer are: Joocy Fruit, Menthol Tabac, Rainbow Sensation, Winson - Minimum 20% Off
Vapor Shark 30th August 2014 Vapor Shark RDNA's back in stock